Beautiful Blue Bridesmaid’s Bouquet

by Cindy on December 12, 2012

Thanks to Lucy one of our recent brides who kindly sent me this photo of her bridesmaid wearing a wonderful deep blue bridesmaids dress.

bridesmaid dressed in blue holding a coordinating posy bouquet bridesmaids posy bouquet featuring blue thistle

Blue wedding flowers are very popular at the moment and I love the colour of this bridesmaids dress.

You can see how I placed blue thistle into the posy bouquet to pick up the blue of the dress. I made Lucy (the bride) a shower bouquet featuring white roses, calla lilies and hot pink roses. You can see that I used the same flowers in the bridesmaid’s posy to match the bridal bouquet.

White and hot pink work really well with a navy blue colour theme as they stand out against this dark colour.

Here is what Lucy had to say about the flowers I produced for her very special wedding day:

“I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful wedding flowers. They were so beautiful, and exceeded my expectations on the day. Everybody said how lovely they were – they really were a bit of a talking point!”

I’m going to be featuring all of Lucy’s wedding flowers on our real weddings page so look out for that in the next few weeks!


Red Silk Bridal Bouquet

by Cindy on July 24, 2012

I thought I would just share with you a recent artificial bouquet design that I’ve just created. This red silk bridal bouquet is made featuring lovely deep red large vintage style roses. In the background of the bouquet is a red hydrangea and reddish brown silk leaves surround it.

red wedding bouquet made from artificial flowers

Bouquet handle finished with a diamante broochI’ve also added sprays of red beads tipped with diamantes to give it an extra sparkle.

To keep with the diamante theme I’ve placed a round diamante brooch on the handle with a red velvet ribbon, see photo on the left.

I love the deep red colour as it gives the bouquet a really luxurious appearance.


Blue Wedding Flowers Update

by Cindy on May 11, 2012

blue wedding flowersAre you planning to have blue wedding flowers? If you are you might want to check out our updated web page on blue wedding flowers. It will give you information on choices of blue flowers, styles of blue wedding bouquets and ideas for blue silk wedding flowers.

Types of Blue Wedding Flowers

blue wedding bouquet made out of hydrangeasBlue is a very popular wedding color theme but not the easiest of color themes when it comes to planning your wedding flowers.

But don’t let that put you off because you will find lots of information on how to make your flower choices on our new blue wedding flowers page. It includes information on the types of blue flowers, seasonal availability and the variety of ways you can combine other colors with blue.

I have lots of experience of creating blue wedding flowers, including strong blue flower themes using flowers such as hydrangeas (see photo left).

I’ve also created wedding flowers that incorporate just a hint of blue using small blue flowers like hyacinths as well as blue accessories.


Real Weddings

by Cindy on April 30, 2012

It’s always really helpful to see what I call real weddings, by this I mean people with realistic flower budgets rather that expensive celebrity examples.

bride and bridesmaids holding wedding bouquets
I’m so lucky to work on such wonderful weddings and I’m always really grateful when my brides send me photos of the wedding flowers I’ve created for them. Above you can see a photo of Jenni and her bridesmaid’s.

Photos of Real Wedding Flowers

Recieving photos like these has inspired me to create a new section on our website called real weddings. It showcases a few of our recent weddings that we’ve had the privilege of working on.

Bespoke Wedding Flowers

I always like to create wedding flowers that are special and unique to the individual couple. What is one persons dream wedding flowers is not necessarily another’s. My brides find it really useful to get ideas from others people’s weddings even if it’s not exactly what they want, it just helps to develop their own ideas.

fall wedding flower color theme
Color is a really important element of your wedding and you can see from the examples on our real weddings page some very different wedding flower color themes. I often develop a color theme based around the shade of the bridesmaid’s dresses. I love the rich colors you can see in the photo above of Lindsay’s fall wedding flowers. They looked wonderful against the deep purple of the bridesmaid’s dresses.

So I hope these real weddings will give you some ideas and inspiration as you go about planning your own unique wedding flowers.


Real Wedding Flowers

by Cindy on April 26, 2012

real wedding flowers with a purple color themeI’m really excited about our new real wedding flowers feature. You can now see lots more photos and information on some of the recent weddings I’ve produced wedding flowers for.

I’ve tried to feature different types of wedding that cross over a variety of wedding seasons. One of the things I really love about my job is the variety.  No two weddings are the same and it’s my job to create wedding flowers that are individual and personal to the couple. After all what suits one person’s taste will be very different to another.

Wedding Flower Ideas and Inspiration

You can now see the types of bouquets, centerpieces and wedding flower choices some of my brides have chosen for their wedding flowers.

real weddings in warwickshireAs I’m based in the heart of England, surrounded by rolling countryside and historic buildings we are very fortunate to have some spectacular wedding venues.

These including two famous castles, stately homes, country house hotels and beautiful rural barns. In our new real wedding flower section you will see some of the places my brides chose to get married at.

Our brides often to tell me that they really enjoy seeing flowers that other brides have chosen as it gives them ideas and inspiration for their own wedding flowers. I hope our new real wedding flowers section will help you do the same.


Lily of the Valley Wedding Buttonholes

by Cindy on April 14, 2012

wedding buttonhole made from lily of the valleyI just couldn’t resist making this lily of the valley wedding buttonhole as it’s April, which is the month that these beautiful little flowers are in season.

If you remember lily of the valley was in Kate Middleton’s bridal bouquet in April last year.

As soon as the date of the royal wedding was announced I just knew that she would be having lily of the valley in her bouquet.

Royal Wedding Flowers

Kate also had myrtle in her royal wedding bouquet and I was lucky enough to be in the Isle of Wight last month where the royal myrtle comes from. Apparently it is always used from the gardens of Osborne House in the Isle of Wight.

Myrtle from the Isle of Wight has been used in royal wedding bouquets since 1840 when Queen Victoria planted a sprig from her wedding bouquet in the gardens of Osborne House.

lily of the valley flowers for a wedding buttonholeLily of the valley is such a pretty delicate flower that has the most wonderful fragrance. I’ve created a buttonhole very similar to the ones that were worn by Kate’s father and brother at the royal wedding.

This flower is really only available in April and possibly early May. Lily of the valley wedding buttonholes are smart and elegant and are perfect for an April wedding.


Artificial Wedding Bouquets

by Cindy on April 1, 2012

I’ve been busy creating a new line of artificial wedding bouquets and would love to know what you think of them. I’ve tried to create wedding bouquets that are a little bit different by adding stylish accessories and flowers that are currently in trend.

artificial wedding bouquet featuring hydrangeas and roses
Above you can see a blue hydrangea bouquet, arranged with silver grey roses. I’ve added a diamante brooch to the bouquet handle to give it an original and classy touch. You would have a hard job telling that these hydrangea flowers are artificial as they are very close to the real thing.

pink foam rose wedding bouquetRose Posy Bouquet

For this pink rose bouquet I have used the stunning foam roses and clay stephanotis flowers, I just love the diamante centres in the stephanotis buds. Adding diamantes to your bouquet is a great idea if you have them on your wedding dress.

An artificial wedding bouquet in purplePurple Wedding Colour Theme

As purple is such a popular wedding colour theme I couldn’t not provide a purple artificial wedding bouquet. This one features the lovely lilac and purple foam roses, hydrangeas and little sprigs of lavender. I think this would fit very well with the trend for vintage wedding flowers.

cute artificial flowergirl bouquetFlowergirl’s Artificial Wedding Bouquet

butterfly placed in the centre of a flowergirl bouquet

I just couldn’t resist having a go at creating an artificial flowergirl posy and I love this one. It features hydrangeas and roses in pale pink and blue.

I’ve also coordinated the colors on the ribbon handle.

I have added a special touch with the pretty pink diamante butterfly in the center. What more could a flowergirl want!

More ideas for silk wedding flowers


Pink Ranunculus Wedding Bouquet

by Cindy on March 20, 2012

pink ranunculus in a bridal bouquet

At last spring has arrived and I really enjoyed creating this ranunculus wedding bouquet before this beautiful flower goes out of season. I think ranunculus wedding flowers are fantastic for a spring wedding. This really pretty delicate flower is in season from October through to May.

In this handtied bridal bouquet (photo above) I have combined the pink ranunculus with cream bud roses. I think it’s a perfect combination as the roses are small and don’t take over from the star of the show – the beautiful ranunculus.

Ranunculus Wedding Flowers

delicate pale pink ranunculus flowers for a wedding bouquetI’ve also combined ranunuculus with peonies and lisianthus for posy wedding bouquets. This is the best type of ranunculus wedding bouquet, as the stems of the ranuculus flower are hollow and don’t work that well in the oasis for a shower bouquet.

Ranunuculus flowers are also good for buttonholes or boutonnières as they are small and sit well on the lapel of a jacket. I’ve made lots of buttonholes using ranunuculus for spring and fall weddings.

If you are thinking of having a ranunculus wedding bouquet these flowers also come in white, yellow, deep and bright red and orange, so you will have lots of colors to choose from.


Romantic Red Rose Wedding Bouquet

by Cindy on February 1, 2012

As it’s the month of romance with Valentines Day fast approaching I just wanted to share these photos of a beautiful red rose wedding bouquet that I recently created.

romantic red rose wedding bouquet featuring Baccara roses

I made this posy bouquet for Holly’s wedding with the stunning red ‘Baccara’ rose. I just love this rose as it has such a rich density of color, which gives it an appearance of velvet.

close up photo of the black baccara rose in a bridal bouquetThe ‘Black Baccara’ rose was a perfect choice for Holly’s bridal bouquet as her bridesmaids were wearing dresses in a deep red color.

I placed hypericum berries and lecadendron in the red rose wedding bouquet to give it texture and depth. I think you’ll agree it’s a perfect choice for a winter or Valentines themed wedding.


Winter Wedding Flowers – December Brides

by Cindy on January 12, 2012

Well December seemed to fly by like it always does. We had a very busy month creating beautiful winter wedding flowers for our December brides. I had a wonderful time creating Becky and Jon’s wedding flowers for their wedding the week before Christmas.

It was a perfect time of the year for them to get married, as Christmas is a really special time for them. Becky chose red and white roses for all of her wedding flowers, which looked wonderful.

Below is a video that the bride and groom had made to share with their family and friends. You can see what a great time everyone had and how stunning Becky looked in her wedding dress.

Becky’s mum emailed me straight after the wedding to thank me for all the wonderful flowers, she was delighted to have some of them back at her home on the run up to Christmas. We always encourage our brides to give the flowers away to family and friends after the wedding, as they are so beautiful.

Romantic Red Roses

Apparently Becky loved her bridal bouquet so much that she refused to throw it, who could blame her. She had a posy bouquet of red ‘Passion’ roses surrounded by a collar of steelgrass. I placed diamante pins in the centre of the roses and it contained strands of beargrass tipped with diamante beads. A perfect choice of winter wedding flowers for a December bridal bouquet.

The bridesmaids had posy bouquets which I made using white ‘Avalanche’ roses which sttod out against their dark red dresses.

If you are planning a winter wedding check our page on winter wedding flowers for some ideas.