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Pamela’s Message: I found your site most interesting, helpful and with good common sense advice.  I am providing the flowers for my grandaughter’s wedding at Dodmoor House in May and although I have some experience as an amateur arranger, I need all the help I can get.

I am not providing the bouquets as this is outside my comfort zone but I am doing fish bowl table centres, twig heart wall decorations and pedestals plus a gallery rail covering so lots to do in a short space of time for me and my helpers.  Any advice would be most welcome.

Well done with your well put together web site – excellent

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Hi Pamela,

Thanks for your email and I’m glad you have found the site useful.

My main advice to you would be preperation, don’t leave anything to chance. I always have a plan with a timed schedule so I know exactly what needs to be done when (it stops you from getting behind). I also have a list of everything I need including tools so that nothing gets left behind.

In your case I’m guessing that you can create the heart wall pieces before hand. Ask the venue if you are able to put them up the night before, if not know exactly how you are going to attach them and have a trial run so you know your fixings work.

You can also prep your goldfish bowls the night before but don’t put the flowers in until your are at the venue as they move around in the vehicle.

Your pedestals can also be made up the day before and transported on the morning (again just check you know they fit in your vehicle).

Our wedding flowers come in on a Thursday for a Saturday wedding so they have time to have a drink and start to open. It also means we can check everythng has arrived.

I’m sure everything is going to go really well and they will look fantastic but don’t wear yourself out as you want to enjoy the day too!

I hope that helps.

Best Wishes,

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