Three Different Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Cake with Flowers

by Cindy on

Wedding cake flowers are a great way to decorate your cake with your color and flower theme.

orchids decorating a wedding cake

A Cluster

Clusters of wedding flowers that sit on the side of a cake work really well if the cake is quite plain and doesn’t have too much icing detail. It works particularly well with light flat-faced flowers such as phalaenopsis and Singapore orchids (see photo above).

The flowers that I used on this wedding cake fitted in with the bridal bouquet and table centrepieces which both featured phalaenopsis orchids. I simply pined these clusters into the cake and that’s the reason they need to be quite light. You don’t want to use flowers like roses that would be too heavy and fall away from the cake.

Using One Type Of Flower

a cluster of white calla lilies used as a wedding cake topperWedding cake flowers can be very simple like this beautiful cluster of calla lilies you can see in the photo here (left). I created this for a bride who used white calla lilies in all of her wedding flowers.

I always use color-coordinated ribbon on the stems so that it look like a miniature bouquet.

I love the way the calla lilies just peak over the edge of the cake.

Sometimes the most simple flower decorations can be the most effective.

red roses placed inbetween each tier of a wedding cakeThe red roses you can see here were placed in-between every tier of the wedding cake. It looked absolutely stunning (photo left).

You just need to make sure that the cake maker constructs the cake with the correct size of gap between each tier, you wouldn’t want to see any gaps or have your roses squashed.

To finish this cake off I just scattered red rose petals around the base of the cake.

Flower Cake Topper

fresh roses and lisianthus arranged as a wedding cake topperHere you can see a cake topper that I created to coordinate with the brides bouquet, it featured the same roses and diamante cluster detailing.

It always looks particularly nice when the bride places her bouquet at the base of the wedding cake for that all-important cutting of the cake wedding photo.

I always create my cake toppers using an “Oasis Le Bump” that holds all the flowers together and sits easily on the top of the cake.

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