Navy Blue Wedding Color Theme

by Cindy on May 5, 2013

A navy blue wedding color theme is probably one of the hardest color themes to follow through to the wedding flowers!

We normally find this color theme has been chosen to coordinate with the bridesmaid’s dresses. The best way to ensure that the blue is a dark navy is to add accessories in this colour as there are no navy blue flowers.

navy blue bows made to go on bridesmaids posiesYou can see how I made these beautiful navy blue bows to feature on the bridesmaid’s bouquets.

close up of white hydrangea bridesmaids posy bouquet with matching navy blue detailingThe bride had chosen white wedding flowers and I used the stunning white hydrangea flowers to make this elegant posy bouquet. I then tucked the blue ribbon bows under the large head of the hydrangea to coordinate with the navy blue bridesmaids dresses.

Hydrangea wedding flowers have become increasingly popular over the last few years with the trend for ‘Vintage Wedding Flowers’.

White wedding flowers look stunning in front of navy blue bridesmaids dresses, as they stand out against this dark color.


Calla Lily Posy Bouquet

by Cindy on April 23, 2013

Calla lilies are such unique flowers, they look elegant and stunning when used on their own in wedding flowers. I created this calla lily posy bouquet with the beautiful small ‘Crystal Blush’ calla lily.

a handtied posy bouquet created with white crystal blush calla liliesCrystal Blush Calla Lilies

These lilies are perfect for handtied posies as you can tie lots of them together to create a bouquet. In the bridal bouquet you see here I attached folds of beargrass to each calla lily so that when they were spiralled the grass made an attractive feature.

Calla lily bridal bouquet.I used between 20 and 30 calla lilies to create the bouquet in the photo above.

Calla Lily Wedding Flower Theme

calla lily cake topper on a wedding cakeYou can also see how I created a miniature version for the wedding cake. I love calla lily cake toppers as they are so simple but look so effective.

You can see how I’ve also featured the beargrass detailing and teal ribbon detailing.

See more wedding flower cake topper ideas.

Get some more ideas for a calla lily wedding flower theme.


Pacific Blue Rose Bridal Bouquet

by Cindy on April 10, 2013

The ‘Pacific Blue’ rose has become a popular choice of rose for brides with a purple wedding color theme.

close up photo of a pacific blue rose

This rose  has a delicate soft lilac color to it, when combined with other dark purple flowers you can create a deeper depth of colour. It also works well with ivory and lilac flowers for a softer colour combination.

hadtied posy bouquet featuring Pacific Blue rosesBridal Bouquet

Above you can see how I used it in a textured bridal bouquet. Andrea (the bride) loved the natural English country garden look and I created this bouquet to fit with that theme. It features the ‘Pacific Blue’ rose, purple veronica, lisianthus, green hypericum berries, ivory roses, blue thistle and lilac freesias. Not only did this bouquet look beautiful it also had a lovely fragrance that came mainly from the freesias.

bride holding her wedding bouquet with a purple color theme
You can see Andrea here in the photo below, her husband also wore a buttonhole that I created using the ‘Pacific Blue’ rose.


Tall Orchid Wedding Centerpieces

by Cindy on March 28, 2013

Singapore orchids and twigs used to create a tall wedding centerpiece.We use Singapore orchids all the time in our wedding flowers and I love this tall orchid wedding centerpiece that I created for one of our recent brides.

When I met with Jo (the bride) she loved a centrepiece that we had created with tall willow twigs. We discussed recreating it with the Singapore orchids to fit with her gold and white wedding color theme.

close up photo of white Singapore orchids in a tall wedding centerpiece
You can see in this close up photograph (above) of the arrangement how I placed crushed gold and clear film inside the vases. I then placed the tall twigs and white orchids coming out of the top of the vase.

Tall Wedding Centerpieces

tall wedding centerpieces at Ashorne Hill Leamington SpaI thought these orchid wedding centerpieces look perfect at the wedding venue – Ashorne Hill, Leamington Spa.

This venue really requires tall centerpieces as the ceilings are so high. The twigs also fitted in well with the wood and interior decorations in the room.

I also placed delicate twigs into Jo’s bridal bouquet so that the theme was carried through to all of the wedding flowers.


Vintage Style

by Cindy on March 11, 2013

I love the vintage style in this wedding. When it came to planning Sarah’s wedding flowers she describe the vintage look she was hoping to achieve. I think that you’ll agree from looking at the wedding photos below she succeeded.

bride and bridesmaids holding vintage style wedding bouquets at Walton Hall White lilies featured in all Sarah’s wedding flowers, you can see her bridal bouquets here (above) they all feature roses and lilies. Both of these flowers are classic and elegant and fitted perfectly with the vintage style Sarah was looking for.

couple photographed at their wedding at Walton HallAs florists we have to take great care when working with the oriental lilies you can see in the bouquets here. We have to make sure that all of the pollen has been removed from the centre of them. The last thing we would want is pollen staining on the wedding dress!

Sarah chose our tall lily centerpieces for her wedding reception tables at Walton Hall. So you can imagine we had a lot of pollen to collect as these are made from fully open white lily heads.

The ivory white colour theme worked perfectly with the dark blue of the bridesmaid’s dresses. It also worked really well for the venue, as it’s an old property with a dark interior and ornate ceilings. So the white stood out in the room.
close up of a bride holding her vintage style wedding bouquetI love Sarah’s vintage style veil and her bridesmaid’s hair accessories.


Miss Piggy – Peach Rose

by Cindy on February 27, 2013

close up photo of the Miss Piggy peach wedding rose

What a great name for a rose  “Miss Piggy”. I recently used this stunning peach rose for Becky’s wedding. I love the colour combinations that we came up with for Becky’s bridal bouquets. Below you can see how I combined the Miss Piggy peach rose with cream Vendela and soft pink Heaven roses to create this beautiful rose handtied posy bouquet.

bridal bouquet featuring peach, cream and pale pink roses
The bouquet also contained ivory freesias, cream lisianthus, peach hypericum berries and soft silver green eucalyptus leaves. The freesias and eucalyptus gave this bouquet a beautiful fragrance.

Peach Rose Color Combinations

I think the cream Vendela and this Miss Piggy peach rose compliment each other so well. The hint of peach in the Vendela rose is accentuated by being placed next to the strong peach color of the Miss Piggy rose.

Bridesmaids handtied posy bouquet containing peach and cream roses.
Above you can see Becky’s bridesmaid’s bouquet. When we discussed the flowers Becky wanted soft pink to feature in her bouquet as her bridesmaids were wearing this colour. We then decided to leave it out of the bridesmaids so that the brides bouquet was different to the bridesmaids. I also made them slightly simpliar by not including the lisianthus and freesias.

It’s always important to make the brides bouquet extra special!

I know this Miss Piggy Peach rose is going to be very popular with our future brides and I look forward to using it in new colour combinations.


Romantic Red Rose Wedding Flowers

by Cindy on February 14, 2013

bride and groom photographed with red rose wedding flowersI love this photograph of a recent bride and groom’s who’s wedding flowers we supplied. When I first heard from Rebecca (the bride) she told me she had her heart set on a red rose wedding flower theme.

In the photo you can see the red rose sheaf bouquet that I made. I used the beautiful ‘Passion’ rose backed with dark green aspidistra leaves. The groom wore a red ‘Passion’ rose buttonhole to match the bridal bouquet and you can see how Rebecca also wore them in her hair.

Red roses are always so romantic and of course associated with Valentines Day! The name of this rose was obviously named with this in mind!

All of the bouquet roses had diamante pins placed in the centre of them as Rebecca also like her bling as she called it.

I used red rose wedding flowers in all the arrangements I made for the couple including the tall wedding centrepieces as well as the church flowers.

I think this photograph totally captures the love between the couple. It was kindly sent to us by Prestige Photography.


As the fog hangs heavy in the sky here in the U.K. and my winter brides head off on honeymoons to warmer climates I can’t help but look forward to planning the spring wedding flowers.

bouquets and table centerpiece for a spring wedding

There are plenty of flowers to choose from if you are planning a spring wedding. Here are three of my favourite spring wedding flowers.


white peonies, hydrangeas and roses in a spring wedding bouquet

Peonies have recently become one of our most popular wedding flowers and it’s hardly surprising as they are truly beautiful. They work really well in handtied wedding bouquets. In the photo above you can see them in a bridal bouquet I made for Amy’s spring wedding. I combined white peonies, hydrangeas, roses and freesias to make this stunning posy bouquet.

pink peonies used in a low wedding centerpiece for a spring wedding

Peonies also work well in wedding centrepieces. In the photo above you can see how I used the pink peony in these beautiful table decorations. They were mixed bouquets of spring flowers including stocks and roses placed in white pails for a relaxed garden marquee wedding.


pink ranunculus, roses and peonies in a handtied wedding bouquet
I can only describe these flowers as pretty, delicate and one of my all time spring wedding flower favourites! Here you can see the wonderful pink striped variety in a wedding bouquet that I created for Cat’s spring wedding. In this bouquet I arranged them with roses, lisianthus and peonies to make a perfect spring bridal bouquet.

ranunculus made into a spring wedding buttonhole

Ranunculus also work really well in buttonholes. In the photo above you can see the boutonniere that I made for the groom to match the brides bouquet.


purple anenomes used to decorate a wedding cake
I find these flowers total irresistible, I’m fascinated by the dark velvety centres to these stunning spring wedding flowers. Here you can see the purple anenome, which I placed on a dark chocolate wedding cake. Because these flowers have so much impact you can use them on their own.

anenomes, tulips and freesias in a spring wedding bouquet

You can also see how I used anenomes in the bridal bouquet (photo above). I love this bouquet, as it’s such a perfect spring flower combination. I combined tulips, anemones and freesias in cerise pink and deep purple finished with a eucalyptus collar.

I love the combination of cerise pink and deep purple, the two colours work really well together.


Pink Gerbera Wedding Centrepieces

by Cindy on January 22, 2013

I love gerbera’s and one of my favourite colours is this cerise pink gerbera. You can see me here using them to create a low wedding centerpiece.

goldfish bowl with pink gerberas for a wedding

Accent Colors

I was working on a wedding for a lovely couple that had their wedding reception in a converted barn. They had a black and white wedding theme and thought that the vibrant cerise pink gerbera gave them a perfect accent colour.

As you can see in the photo it worked perfectly on the black tablecloths. You have to have a strong color to stand out on a black tablecloth and this cerise pink was perfect.

Gerberas are also a great wedding flower choice as they are an inexpensive flower and can give loads of impact when used on their own.

The large goldfish bowls are a very popular choice for low wedding centrepieces as they give a WOW factor. As well as floating the pink gerberas inside the vases I also placed them around the outside of the vases in votives to add more color to the table.

Here is what the bride had to say about her pink gerbera wedding flowers:

“Thanks so much for the wonderful flowers – everything was just perfect”.

These cerise pink gerberas also featured in my wedding flowers, that’s how much I like them!


Cream Rose Wedding Flowers

by Cindy on January 7, 2013

There can be quite a difference between cream roses and white roses. In the photos here you can see how I have used the beautiful ‘Vendela’ cream rose in these recent wedding flowers.

vintage style cream rose bridal bouquet

Gemma the bride fell in love with a bouquet she saw in our portfolio featuring the cream rose, ivory freesias, white veronica and soft peach hypericum berries. I love the colour of these berries next to the cream rose as they really bring out the warm peach tint of the rose.

Bridesmaid’s Bouquets

Below you can see a close-up of the bridesmaid’s bouquet, I placed pearl pins into the centre of the roses as Gemma had a pearl theme running through all her wedding accessories. A collar of dark green ruscus leaves surrounded the bridesmaid’s bouquets.

cream roses with a pearl pin in the centreChurch Wedding Flower Decorations

You can see here how I used all the same flower that were in the bouquets to create this stunning large heart that hung in the church.

heart decoration for a church wedding

Cream Rose Colour Theme

Using the cream rose really complimented the colour of the bridesmaids dresses and gave a lovely warmth to the color pallet. This colour theme works throughout the year and the cream ‘Vendela’ rose is available in all seasons.

bride and her bridesmaids holding their wedding bouquets